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Licorize will go through some developments in the near future. The development & design team has recently had a “set priorities” meeting, and here I briefly report on the outcomes.

licorizeOfficialClient Mobile clients & API

Mobile client development has taken more than planned, but we are now in the closing phase for the first releases.

Official mobile client

This client will let the user create and read all strips from her /his account. After the first log in it will happily work offline, so that strips can be created offline and will be synchronized automatically when online again.

The official client’s development is now completed, we have to go through the procedures for publishing it on the various app stores. The client is built with jQuery Mobile and  PhoneGap, so that the same client should run on almost all mobile clients. This week we are applying for publishing it on to Apple’s App store (it is a free application of course).

Sample client for API: LicorizeLite

This is a simple iPhone client that is an example application of Licorize API. It does not have a full set of features: it works only online and handles only four strip types and only for creating new strips. This client will be released with full sources. We already applied last week on Apple’s App Store for publishing this application – currently waiting for approval.

Develop on Licorize API

We are also about to release an API supporting OAuth and XAuth authentication with also a Java usage example (of course the API can be used with any language). Get the Java example here from github:

We also applied for adding Licorize as a service for ShareKit (a general service for adding “share this” buttons to iOS applications): see the fork here:, the “pull request” has already been sent.

With the API it will be quite easy to add to any client a “send to Licorize” button, say creating  “remind me later” entries. In order to apply for using the API we will publish a page for developers this week.


Specific to-be-read support

We realized that “to-be-read” support needs a specific handling in Licorize, thanks also to a discussion with users on the community. We will soon introduce a specific strip type and handling for “to-be-read” types.

The most important strips


We also realized that the current way to order strips (active only when filtering by type) is hard to get and too fine grained to be helpful in most circumstances. So we will remove that and add a cross-project “set it as important” single button, and also make it more visible on the home interface whether you are filtering by timeline of by importance. This also in line with David Allen’s observation against “daily to-do list” (see here), making maintenance of the “currently relevant set of issues” easier.


Current booklets will be the basis for a configuration and design process which will allow users to put together real and useful presentation starting from the set of bookmarks that now constitutes a booklet. This is forthcoming but will take more than a couple of weeks

This week

One update also coming this week concerns inviting your Facebook and LinkedIn friend to Licorize.

Written by Pietro Polsinelli

November 22, 2010 at 11:46

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